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Kalle Mattson // Rebecca Thirdkill // Nino Extranjero // Albert Kass // Junior Bill

Kalle Mattson – Twice The Gifts

Sad songs can be enlightening, broadening, and empowering. And in KALLE MATTSON’s sad premise named ‘Twice The Gifts’ is a celebration of sorts for the kids who had two Christmases because of their parents’ divorce. The brilliance is of course the folk strums, emboldened by Kalle’s unique vocals. However, the introspective knowledge and acceptance that there are two Christmases, but ‘just half of the love’ is unabashedly beautiful to render. It’s just not a better Christmas. In this case, the math isn’t an advantage to the kids who just wants their parents to be together again. Deep inside we know that won’t happen, but we try our best with the help of songs like ‘Twice The Gifts’. What a beaut.

Rebecca Thirdkill – Peril

From the debut EP ‘Kicksville’, the single ‘Peril’ is a dedication to the clicking and clacking presumption of humanoid-like thoughts and unfettered reasons for existence. Open the door to your darkest, and you’ll see the light to what you’d been seeking. It is the ultimate in self-evaluation. It is the first step into real power – a strut that we’d never had before – a gumption we’d never thought possible. The clang-y aesthetics of the marching rhythms of ‘Peril’ derides the incessant annoyance that life can bring. In contrast, the mining of such feelings, is the key to this single. It’s in the realm of a pornographic vice, which we cannot delete, but only can manage. Our lives have limits, and REBECCA THIRDKILL affords us a chance at peeking through.

Nino Extranjero – Girls Make Me Numb

Off of the debut album ‘Bleached Boy’, NINO EXTRANJERO makes it abundantly clear that the world is a one piece drape of haze. A haze that is full of expectations, stresses, unjustified revelations and annoying quirks. All of those could come from one individual, and it’s possible that that one individual will explode: in horror, in excitement, or in love. It’s a way of procrastination, really. For love embodies ALL of those attributes which hinder our mobility in the real world, to some degree. But when things just go down south, love is a battlefield full of Ginsu knives and uncharted broken glass. We think Nino’s ‘Girls Make Me Numb’ just encapsulates all the angst, to a tee.

Albert Kass – Hurricane

ALBERT KASS explains, “To be honest, I like people to decide what a song means to them, not for me to prescribe it. That said, for me, Hurricane was my coming of age -you know, that feeling of loss, of coming to terms with the harsh realization that life isn’t handed to you.” Word, brother. That’s what life is about isn’t it? Loss here. Acceptance there. Dab of confusion, and a slab of empty spaces for all of us to fill. Lots of work, really. Then, at one sudden moment – it’s all over. The fun stops. The excitement halts. But it’s about journey ain’t it? Your lips smack with anticipation when you snap to attention to all of the positives of the life in front. At least that’s the attitude. Albert’s ‘Hurricane’ is an acoustic realization of that moment. With slicing good vocals, the song imbues the uncertainties, in a nicely neat package, to take on that trip of self exploration.

Junior Bill – The Butetown RATS

DIY? Why yes. Unsophisticated? Heck no. JUNIOR BILL’s video and single is the epitome of high level music. No irony. Just the facts. There’s nothing in a song like this that gets in the way. Just might be us at CHF, but we dig artistry like what ‘The Butetown RATS’ represents. The song is an emphatic emblem of Buddy Holly-like energy, with a dab of ska, framed under the wires of punk attitudes. You know. Just like the soft tap on the shoulder from a fist emblazoned by a spiked leather glove. The contrast is delectable. The song is delectable. The song is based on the play named ‘R.A.T.S. – Rose Against The System’ written by Kyle Legall. The premise is of rats being ‘forced out of the former docks of Cardiff Bay by new services and industries’. Glorious, to be sure.


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