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Kalm Dog – Winter Americanos

“Try to keep up, Beth. I’m trying to tell you something. Something… wonderful.” Kalm Dog’s Winter Americanos is a dream’s dream. It’s what dreams have for REM sleep. It’s a place one doesn’t want to work in, but want to.

The mix of different vocals (male & female) is a tool to use with much thought. Carelessness isn’t warranted and not recommended.

But here, it works to our delight.

It’s soft, cloudy and soft, then brings down the atmosphere to mother earth and to the ground. Up and down, in 3D.

The light pastures of that landscape, flooded her mind with emotions she’d never felt before.
Fabulous wealth, in knowledge on pick-up trucks, and Hummers, came and went.
The dust by the wrangling of the cowboys, straddled the steering, back up the hill.
Trident, earth bound, fastened by the gravity, of it all – insurmountable.
But can it not?
Let’s go sit in the shade.

The multi colored pastel foreground melts into the loving relationship, in the expanse of oceans – not of this world.

Gliding through that muddled forest, comes that little hut, made of this song.

The straws aged with care, with plants growing in suggestion. The moss gleaming into the sunlight, of morn.

Let’s walk towards that hut, it might be safe there.

Let’s go there, huddle, warm and expect the future.

The gang in Kalm Dog brings good stuff to this song, and there’s no wonder why the song is faved by many.

We dig it, lots.

Kudos, KD. Kudos.



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