Kalmly ‘Sympathy Monster’ : Keen effervescence and seductive mystery.


Song about the negative impacts of victimizing the self and sympathy-led manipulation (‘Say the words, make them walk, talk and smile’).

Inspired by the 20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake, the second section of the song is a half-time breakdown of the first section, with a change in melody. Writing, recording and producing his music himself, Kalmly’s music emphasizes a countertenor voice and lyrically, the relationship between society and the individual.

Kalmly is Shaan Kambli. His stage name stands for an introspective brand of electronic pop music, sharing a positive message about temperament, image and spirit.

He cooly claims an aspect of life and amplifies with deep thought and effort into understanding. Kalmly’s falsetto delivers with keen effervescence and seductive mystery.

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