KALO ‘No Shame’ : Brings the full onslaught of rock n’ roll.


KALO brings the full onslaught of rock n’ roll in this sultry and hard to resist single ‘No Shame’.

Recorded at BlueHouse Media in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the song features Bat-Or Kalo on guitars and vocals, Mike Alexander on drums and Tony Tino on bass. It was engineered by Joel Wade, Michael Block and Brett Baldwin and mastered by Dave McNair.

“So many want to take the easy route in life,” songwriter Bat-Or Kalo said. “But the path of least resistance – whether that’s taking a pill, a drink or finding other ways to blur inconvenience with vice – never has the results we want.”

“It’s a matter of driving your way through, feeling the pain and fear, and continuing anyway,” she said. “Sometimes those trying experiences we have to go through shape us and make us better on the other side.”


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