Kami ‘Questions’ : Fabulous, understated presentation that shines.


Florida based musician and producer Kami casts off dispersions in ‘Questions’. Electronic soundscapes, divisions of the classic, and of lo-fi hymns in love, deck out in this sultry single.

“The genres that inspire me include ambient electronic, chillhop, synthpop, synthwave, dreamwave, vaporwave,” said Kami, “as well as the more traditional types such as alternative, pop, and electronic.”

He continued: “‘Questions’ is a song about asking why things have to turn out the way they do in regards to a person you are trying to detach yourself from. It’s about asking how you ended up falling in love, only for it to be wasted because there’s no way you and this person could realistically work due to some circumstances.”

“I reached out to @lanvark-music after discovering him on a music forum. He had a voice and tone that I thought was an absolute perfect fit for the soundscape of this track. All the way from Spain, he agreed to help me and we got to work on it right away.”

Fabulous, understated presentation that shines.

That’s what ‘Questions’ is, when the collab clicks.


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