KAMMA ‘Something to You’ : We also float into the clouds of imagination at her side.

KAMMA / Photo: Thit Melanie Berthou

Relationships fall deafly silent, and the dangers are signals for answers that must be announced.

Said KAMMA: “Something to you is about my relationship with my father. Unfortunately, a relationship that has been marked by failure and a feeling that he never got to say that he loves me, even though we have been through difficult times together. That is why I remember even on a daily basis, how incredibly important it is to speak openly about what you feel in your close relationships. That you dare to open your mouth and be vulnerable to those you care about. Although it is not always words that create a feeling of love or acceptance, together with loving actions they can make a huge difference to the person who receives them. The lack of those words has affected my self-esteem and the way I looked at myself when I was younger and it still sticks deep inside. I never want to pass on to others.”

Loving words, crafted in the most caring – KAMMMA’s ‘Something To You’ is a letter to the past and of the future, for her and for her father. Someone for whom, the walls of love, brings consequences of not being able to express the real thoughts and expressions that deems that relationship, so.

“I want the listener to hear the song, and think about the relationships that matter most to them. And most of all, that the listener can be helped to feel that it is in its place and sometimes necessary to speak openly and directly to others. Setting boundaries and opening up to your own needs… To me, the chorus represents justice and self-care.”

With floating chorus that is gorgeous from start to finish, KAMMA’s habits of delighting our senses, we also float into the clouds of imagination at her side.

‘Something To You’ is something very much to remember.


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