KANYE Announces He’s Running For President Of These United States In 2020 : Political ploy? Or Sincerity?

Kanye West / Photo: David Shankbone

KANYE, as irreverent and unpredictable, announced through Twitter that he will be running for President of the United States.

Obviously this kind of announcement would normally be taken with a large grain of salt. But folks can argue that in the times of Trump, anything can stick. Still, folks on Twitter, had mixed reactions towards KANYE’s news, with entrepreneur billionaire, Elon Musk giving 100% support to KANYE.

Other reaction were:

Statement about ‘KANYE & Taylor Swift’ always a part of the any KANYE conversation, too.

Some just want KANYE to get some mental help.

Some, just think KANYE is trying his best to get Donald Trump re-elected, presumably by fracturing the young vote for Joe Biden in November:


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