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Kape Yeel Shares ‘Sex Addicts’. “Texture, upon texture.”

The sound is raw, unpredictable, socratic, and terse. Kape Yeel’s impassioned algorithms of sight and sound, clash once more with the utmost attention to sophomoric subject that turns out to be a bedrock for what our primitive brains crave. A select vestal of enticing auras, regulated hedonisms, and brain racking nourishment, deck out in a zoot-suit worthy tackiness that just drapes our world in new and wonderful colors.

With the sound of LCD Soundsystem and Beck along for the ride, the gang in Kape Yeel, strikes it up one more notch, as their latest single ‘Sex Addicts’ hits all of the spots you’d wanted.

Said Linus Malmsten: “The idea for the song started with the line “on the internet looking at naked people “. It felt fun to use as a chorus. I also found the idea of writing a pop song about Internet porn pretty intriguing. We tried a bunch of different instrumentals, but once we came up with this funky, disco-vibe we knew it was the way to go.”

‘Sex Addicts’ is a texture, upon texture.

The alternative pop/rock trio from Östersund, Sweden signals your airplane to land on that glorious landing strip, but the cost of such luxuries, is that you dance like the glamor gal (or boy) that you never thought you were.

Now you can.

‘Sex Addicts’ is the 5th single to be released by the traumatically talented trio.



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