Karel Shares ‘Mistaken’. “Movie of your heart. Let the liberation begin.”

Well, heavens to Betsy. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Go ahead, make my day. May the Force be with you. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Some plastic mixed cellophane profanity, virtually depicting a copy of similar biological entities upon a big wall, to tell a story, of sorts. It’s dark in that movie theater, and we want out. You don’t want to be in there watching with telescope feelings, trying to cope with the notion of connecting with that virtual-ness.

Karel, makes us feel this way, when he sings ‘Mistaken’. It’s a bitter pill. It’s a dreadful procession of words upon virtual hear says. It’s a forever trudging, mangle of malcontent, extruded into folds like lasagna.


The dictator of your heart has been kicked out and now is in exile. You have won with opening up your mind and heart for this… this single of eccentricity, guised by rhythms, and un- daunting in its vicious underground glamor.


Last year he played and Down the Rabbit Hole festival, where he was reviewed in the top 3 after Nick Cave & David Byrne.

Karel has one EP out. He has been playing shows all over the Netherlands, including Lente Kabinet this year, and has been touring France, Germany and Belgium too.


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