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Karl Distance (김우찬) – Good Girl

Falsity, remembrance, loneliness, self pity – rings true in honesty – during and for living. Karl Distance’s (Kim Woo Chan) Good Girl is of that moment, that nano second we lie in bed, being solum, tired, giving up.

But not all is lost.

Act of silence is the culmination and defense mechanism to introspective thought, labeling, and hopefully, leading to some action.

May take time.

May take a long time.

May never come to it at all.

But it’s a necessary step.

Curled up, sheets close to face.
Waiting for that ring, the ringing there in space.
Can’t you see, that I’m still here.
For you’re the mantra, my heart waits to feel.
Where are you?
Where are you?

Karl is from Seoul, South Korea and seems to lean towards the R&B spectrum with his outputs. However, this particular composition is vast, and ethereal – distinctly indie and succinctly heartfelt.

Looking towards more.



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