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KARLI – Running For My Life

Canadian Pop singer-songwriter KARLI releases her breakout solo single, ‘Running For My Life’. A mid-paced pop single, KARLI’s song for what ails us ‘right here’, comes at us with the hints for love, without the overbearance of it all. KARLI delivers with innocence flare through her songs, attempting to connect with her audiences’ own experiences of heartbreaks and happiness. With her effervescence and colorful expressions, the single pushes the hues for life, in different and charming ways. ‘Running For My Life’ is co-written and co-produced with Billboard Top-40 Canadian artists/producers Lucky Rose and A-SHO, and mastered by Felix Davis at Metropolis Studios, in London.

Løv Li – Now You Know

Beauty is not in the hands of the beholder. Løv Li’s latest single ‘Now You Know’ is beauty. Full stop. With, his expressive vocals always present and big as the world, the charm of Løv Li’s lyrical confection of ‘Now You Know’ is something different, something so good, something that defies the heartache you wanted to feel. That hurt you knew you knew that was important to you, for that meant you were alive once more. Able to feel how to live, with the pain that is constant of this world – that’s living, in its utmost best. A pin prick on your finger tip, shows the blood of the past and of the future opportunities that embodies your mind and existence. It’s all there to be held and nurtured, to the fullest of capabilities. Love can be seen the same we, and Løv Li, tells us so and he’s captivating as usual.

Limón Limón – Believing In Yesterday

“‘Believing In Yesterday’ contemplates one’s ability to make a lasting impact on the world, with the understanding that our actions really do matter in creating a positive future.” Composed of Jason (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Rand (Keys, Synths, Drums), the duo is a defined disco fabulousness, whenever they play. We’d stated prior: “Future Indie duo Limón Limón seamlessly fuses the air that we breathe with the wit and gumption that their music brings to the fore. A tease of pop, r&b, tropical vibes..” A dreamy soundscape of wavy guitars and vibrant synth chords float by as we consider our past while looking ahead to new horizons. ‘Believing In Yesterday’ is the title track of the latest EP.

KALPEE – Wherever You Are

“Everyday people face many challenges due to many different reasons,” said Kalpee, “but instead of getting bitter towards a situation it’s time we stop being spectators and make a continuous effort to contribute to a solution, be better versions of ourselves which will eventually transcend into society as a whole, be more open and more selfless in our approach towards each other.” Kalpee is a phenomenal young artist from Trinidad and Tobago who is coloring the world with his modern fusion of R&B, Pop, Calypso and Reggae Rhythm. Having recently been involved in a freak vehicle accident in Trinidad which required lifesaving surgery, Kalpee realizes that using his music to reach and educate others, is a gift that should not to be ignored. Added Kalpee: “I only have love to give, whether I meet the president or a fisherman, I treat them with the same respect, we’re all equal, I see people as people, that’s all. We’ve only got time to put love out into the world, anyone who disagrees, well I’m sending blessings your way.”

Greyson Chance – Boots

“’Boots’ at its core, is a narrative addressing pop culture’s current usage of Western imagery,” stated Greyson Chance. “I found myself imagining what Johnny Cash would be like if he were around and making music in 2019. I thought about what he would wear, how he would act, and what he would write about… ‘Boots’ is truly just an observation of what I see in pop culture currently, and what I think about it.” Native of Edmond, Oklahoma, Greyson came into the national spotlight in 2010, with his performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a sixth-grade music festival which became a viral success on YouTube. Star was born. Hella popular, hella decadent, Greyson brings the weight of a pop star, and wears it like a champ. Always. ‘Boots’ is just one more to his arsenal of pop pleasures.


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