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KARLITA Shares ‘Good Girl’. “Never only one way.”

French artist KARLITA transforms words & ambient synths on her mesmerizing 5-track debut ‘Lazydayz’ into dreamscapes where downtempo house meets emotional dark-wave.

KARLITA’s 5 fabulous pieces come and go, with vexing liquidity – one against the other – ambient in every way.

But never only one way.

Trip-hop, ambient, and lounge music that was folded into KARLITA’s youth.

‘Good Girl’ is a deep house blend, where sounds of the deep collide in centralism in delight. Silence rules the day in this ultra-blaring and unaccustomed vail of sound and hunger. The deliberate renounce, with the classic dance vibes, kick your odd side of living, bearable and maybe voluminously decadent.

“Où la mélancolie et l’espoir règnent d’une manière groovy”

Translated, the phrase becomes: “Where melancholy and hope reign in a groovy way”.

Certainly something we all can cherish.


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