Kasador ‘Givin It Up’ : Inspired to bring the best yet.


Kasador’s recent debut studio album, ‘BROOD & BLOOM’, embodies the duality of most everything in life and brings the hype indie-pop single ‘Givin It Up’.

“Our attitude was, let’s write about what we know and what we’ve lived” Kasador bassist Boris Baker said. “We were all experiencing some really tough stuff in our own personal lives, but also as a band. There just seemed to be so many, what at the time seemed like, insurmountable obstacles or set backs – things that make you step back and question what you’re doing in life. We were there for each other time after time, and kept coming back to the table with real experiences we were eager to explore through songwriting.”

Kasador first came together in 2015, with an energetic live show born out of university house parties and a moniker paying homage to the band’s beginnings as the Will Hunter band, reflecting a collaborative approach to song writing that can be heard in the bands ability to blur lines between rock, funk, singer/songwriter and pop music.

With energy and determination poured into the latest album, the band were inspired and were going for the best yet.

“This album started with the losses of some loved ones, pain, suffering, and struggles with mental health, addiction, and the current political climate. This album finished with the realization that whether or not everything happens for a reason, when one door closes another one opens. It is the realization that our darkest days give us perspective, appreciation, and most of all a deeper understanding of what it is to be human – and this helps us to better connect with those around us, whether it’s through conversation or music. This album is a reflection on the personal growth and deeper connection can stem from trying times, and how good can come from the bad. We wrote this album for us, but now it’s for you”

Kasador is singers/guitar players Will Hunter and Cam Wyatt, bassist Boris Baker, and drummer Stephen Adubofuor.


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