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KASHMERE Shares ‘Anaesthesia’. “Vibrancy. Celebration. Tauntingly Sexy.”

You want some excitement in your life? Have KASHMERE’s latest ‘Anaesthesia’ by your side. The taunting, sexy, and decadent ensemble of indie-rock goodness will get your senses to that permanent weekend it was waiting for. Reminiscent of the best of bands like Duran Duran, ‘Anaesthesia’ is brought to you by the UK based quartet.

And there’s no way of getting away from the synth framed, refreshingly airy rock the band proposes for your cortex. The contrast between gritty guitars and guitar riffs, compassionately caressing the delicious vocals of Joey Newey, delivers the impact that sets your neurons to a fabulous place.

KASHMERE was born in 2015, and hasn’t looked back since. With band mates Joey Newey, Andy Law, Charlie Cole, and Freddie Hughes, debuting in 2016 with their single ‘Blow Your Mind’, the road of exquisite excellence was set to be traveled.

Although, ‘Anaesthesia’ touches the 80’s nostaglic ‘feels’, it’s not over-burdensome, and never loses its attractiveness. There is the slight hint of pomp, where your senses are keen to know that you’re off to a very interesting and fun place. The edges of ‘familiarity’ is smoothed by how the band arranged and constructed the single, making its atmosphere both new and retro at the same time.

The vibrancy is retained, and celebrated in this single.

Look for them, in even bigger capacity – world wide.



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