Kasket Club x Soul Gem ‘Undiscovered’ : Continues their EP rollout with chilled indie disco track

Kasket Club

After years of radio silence, Kasket Club teamed up with Soul Gem on the indie disco single release “Miles Away” in January. The single was quickly picked up by tastemakers such as Mr. Suicide Sheep and Clash Magazine, as well as some of the most influential curators on Spotify. Kasket Club and Soul Gem continues their EP rollout with chilled indie disco track ‘Undiscovered’.

Kasket Club and Soul Gem started working together when they both studied in New York four years ago. Using whatever equipment available in their dorm, their efforts resulted in a few releases with Pasha, Soul Gem and Kasket Club.

Kasket Club released their debut single ‘Moody Melody’ in 2012. With instant support from tastemakers such Majestic Casual and French Symphony, the band quickly reached the top of Hype Machine and became among the bands to spearhead the chilwave genre together with bands such as Neon Indian, Washed Out and Brother Tiger.

Three EP’s later, the band teamed up with Tony Hawk and Nyjah Huston’s charity “Let It Flow” to donate all proceeds from ‘Straight West’ to the cause of building wells in Africa. Continuing to top the Hype Machine charts the band gained millions of streams, airplay around the globe and played shows all across Northern Europe.


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