Kat Cunning Shares New Single ‘Make U Say’.

Kat Cunning is, in our eyes, a very interesting singer-songwriter. Her music is pop, then it’s also indie, soul, R&B, then right back to pop again. It’s a journey of notes that accompany her thoughts and meandering philosophies, around our heads and beyond, into the Universal ether. And a great example of that is her latest single ‘Make U Say’, which heightens our interest; where her sultry pronouncements, dictating flights of fancy and grounding our emotional triumphs.

The gold is Kat. Her craft is more than pop, to be sure.

“’Make U Say’ is inspired by a long history of sexting. It’s an erotic poem meant to capture the all-consuming nature of new love, and the complexities of power in sex and life,” said Cunning.

“I was very lucky to write it in London with Martin Terefe who helped bring those textures to life. At its heart, it’s a call to freedom, expression, acknowledgement and romance.”

Kat continues to draw from the art scene of the NYC gotham climate. She continues to explore her talents on stage and for TV, earning roles for cable networks like HBO.

Looking for more from Kat. We’re sure she’ll continue to surprise.



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