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Kat Elizabeth – Wannabe Vagabond

Entrenching. Suppositions. The fog of living comes to life as the vocals of KAT ELIZABETH drive you insane with unambiguous charms. One, two, three, four, charms on that wrist – dainty that they may be. But that doesn’t mean she’s yours. That doesn’t mean she’s there for your love games. Kat’s single ‘Wannabe Vagabond’ is a sparkle of jin and tonic, citrus bubbles, crowned by the sultry and seriousness of the deft lyrics. Phoebe, Maggie, Del Ray comes to mind as the best of class sentiments of story telling washes over with great fanfare and affection. The tinge of delight and playfulness within the chorus, is a contrast device of epic microcosm – delivered in plain sight, poignant, and personal. Kat’s interpretive resistance to the subject of this single grasps with both hands, and pulls with all of the might available. Her charms on that wrist, one for every emotion, dangles in full with this single. The 21 year old singer/songwriter is from Alabama. ‘Wannabe Vagabond’ follows her sophomore album ‘The Art of Being Okay’.

fax machine – Garden Knome

Deserving of everything, ‘Garden Knome’ stands taught and proud in that green grass of that suburban front lawn of a indie-pop dreamland. fax machine sings this seemingly innocuous and standard single of bedroom pop fervor. But hidden deeper – under the skin of infectious slides of riffs and interjecting cannons of lyrics, you feel the enticing and raw impalement. Does standing on grass that grows beside you, without your affection and attention, deem yourself superior? Or are you just reflecting towards the monster you’d never said you’d become in this lifetime? Off of the upcoming May album ‘soup’, fax machine utilizes contemporary indie to the betterment of a philosophical realization. Are we that which stands still? fax machine doesn’t think it should.

Steve Garvin – Evelyne

Love is how STEVE GARVIN’s voice might sound like. And as long as we’re here, let’s all just take in the warmth. In the best traditions of a Lennon or a Harrison, Steve’s reliving of the things that makes us human beings, tackles the righteous part of our egos and tamps them down to have a chance once more. It is a compromise, after all. But a compromise, for the love that is utterly important and deathly unique to you. Only that secret of languages, will you connect with the true love of your life. Whatever, whomever that may be. Along with the help of drummer Jim Bertini and guitarist/bassist Joey Farber, Steve has successfully offered a subtle beckoning of a single for all of us who dream and are thirsty for a bit more in our lives. Forgiveness is hard to accomplish sometimes. Steve is from Illinois, and his reflection of the things that matter to him, continues to flow through.

Close Talker – Half Past Nine

Saskatoon, Canada. The birth place of the band CLOSE TALKER. We’d stated on their audio debut of ‘Half Past Nine’: “This delicately shelled emotional indie manifestation reels in that exact commotion of the heart – the CLOSE TALKER way.” And that is so true. The gang in CLOSE TALKER are dancers dressing the part of rockers playing beautiful instruments. The serene nature of the song plays with warm gloves of caress and under-toned brooding that is unique and delicate of the band. And the cinematic haunt of the video complements, perfectly. The band stated on the Ben Giesbrecht filmed video: “Wish we could say this was the first time we nearly got hyperthermia for a Close Talker video, but that would be a lie. We seem to have made it a habit to shoot videos in the freezing cold and this video, although beautiful, was borderline foolish. We shot the video on the beautiful coastline of Vancouver Island where we had been surfing the day before. The beach was vacant because it was too cold for the locals, so we thought we’d seize the moment and film a video that is cyclical in nature, beginning and ending in the freezing cold ocean.”

Madelline – Ghost

‘Ghost’ lays down the vibes that we’d like to be, anywhere and anytime. Perspectives of acknowledgement is important to us, to you, to the world, and when a finger stamp of such heavyweight words hit you – you pause. We pause. Recovering from the floral and decadent head contusion, you think of the beautifully r&b/soul painted colors of MADELLINE. And ‘Ghost’ does this with unapologetic shimmer and eclectic glory. MADELLINE’s soulful vocals talk volumes with ease and virtuosity. We’d never more, felt secure, and delightfully conscious of our own value. As she speaks, the skies of awe and recognition, converge to turn the world around. Dizzyingly tight, the projection of ‘Ghost’ symbolically amplifies, with ease and impact. Glitter exists with the underpinnings of a galant and ravenous talent for creating beautiful music.


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