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Kat Saul // Majestic Minds // Young Monarch // RuthAnne // LENN

Kat Saul – Nick Miller

It’s unfair, to be honest. The ear-worm effect in KAT SAUL’s ‘Nick Miller’ is just to strong. It’s hard to resist. You dive, and bubble with the upwards beats. The single is in anticipation to Kat’s debut EP which is due in 2019. The Nashville based pop artist is sassy, sultry, exciting and most importantly, repeatable. Kat recalled about the single: “We were in the studio and Paige said that I reminded her of Jessica Day from New Girl, which happens to be my favorite show. We started joking about writing a song about the character Nick Miller and ended up having so much fun with the idea it stuck!” Oh, and we like her songs because they’re really quirky. Just like us here at CHF. Can’t go wrong.

Majestic Minds – Doing This My Own Way

“We really love this song because it embodies a positive message that is accompanied by an energetic track. Our goal was to make something that was uplifting and motivating whilst trying to keep our sound consistent with our first single. I think we achieved it!” The dynamic duo of producer Haides (Callum Garvey) and singer-songwriter Marlie (Charlotte Haining) holds more than their own in their collaborative single, ‘Doing This My Way’. The emerging artist make it easy for anyone to get into their methods of dance and excellence.

Young Monarch – Find Me

When you’re down. Just run. Run into the rains and storm, with head held high and strong. That’s the way to face your demons and march ahead towards the other side. ‘Find Me’ drives you towards the better you. Discard notions of the past, let’s ride to the horizon of your dreams. The indie-rock & pop ensemble suggests compelling and unique prospects to the music world. “​My words are like publishing your diary to the whole world, hoping that someone will understand what you’re feeling and not judge you for it” – Songwriter Rebecca Lewis. Absolutely. Keep on flying.

RuthAnne – It Is What It Is

RuthAnne said “The song is a bittersweet acceptance about a relatable relationship issue… you know, the ‘I’ll be the one that changes him thing. The truth is, that when someone wants to be in a relationship with you, they WILL be happy with you regardless of timing or circumstance…..‘It Is what It Is’ is about me finally taking the power back and saying to a certain person that I deserve more. I stuck by my words and never went there again.” The star spanning vocals of RuthAnne cross across the clear sky, expanding our hearts and hearts in love. RuthAnne is killing it and see her soar after her debut 2019 album drops. Watch.

LENN – Riding Shotgun

Bristol gal, LENN, makes the world go round for us in ‘Riding Shotgun’. “The idea for this song came when I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, driving through Bristol with my boy. It was dark outside and while the glow of traffic and brake lights were reflecting on his face, I was reflecting on how I feel about him…” The dark and brooding vocals of LENN is irresistible to the touch, and it burns you as you smile in exulting happiness. You don’t mind the pain that hurts so good. You don’t mind the meteor of emotions that you feel – for the first time – in a long time. Thank you LENN. You make us feel again.


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