Kate Gratson ‘On To You’ : Lingered in a dance of perpetuation and infinity.

Kate has much more tale to tell through her music.

Kate Gratson

Sweeping forward, and standing back, the heart rendered its beseeching situation and it struggled to cope with the gravity of it all. Grasping at her chest, with tear and reminders of better times, a future past reminisce came about like collage of light and unfair viewing.

This feel of never never land, can never be better than it can be now. And as the electricity of the touch, mingled like the substrates of a mind and body in harmony, they lingered in a dance of perpetuation and infinity.

She imagined.

As the tears of regret finally touched down onto the floor of the forever, she closed her big brown eyes, and recounted the times of chances she never sought to embrace.

Twenty four year old vocalist, songwriter, producer, and cellist from Brooklyn, lovingly tells of a story that is oh so much familiar with all of us. A hand of fate, never touching its royal anointing, we cynically walk amongst the living dead, forgetting that maybe – just maybe – there could be more happiness, in taking that small step towards that unknown.

Kate’s beautiful vocals, dance with unintended magnetism, wholly driven to attract in a space of the many. Each syllable and consonant, delivering with an attractive shine of truth and justice, the beckoning exuberance for another start, glistens with pomp and understated grace.

Influenced by the modern works of artists such as Laura Mvula, James Blake, and Snoh Aalegra, Kate finds inspiration in their ability to weave production elements of electronic, jazz, classical, and R&B. T

Kate has much more tale to tell through her music.

Can’t wait to see where and how it will bloom



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