Katharina Nuttall ‘Lethe’ (Remix by Red Mecca ) : Lavish your parched desire for such poetry. Underworld invigoration.

Katharina Nuttall

From the ‘Remixes’ EP, Katharina Nuttall’s fabulous single ‘Lethe’ gets the industrial digitization from producer, Red Mecca.

‘Lethe’ is the first track from songwriter and musician Katharina Nuttall’s upcoming fourth solo studio album ‘The Garden’.

Powerful, grating, ingratiating, unrelenting – the album is a concept album about emotional flows and resurrection combining songs, instrumentals and spoken word. They combine to lavish your parched desire for such poetry and the narrative to such underworld invigoration.

Stockholm, Sweden based lyrical powerhouse Katharina Nuttall, bases her works in triumphs and of the urgencies in living.

A beast that must be quelled and exemplified into awareness, Katharina’s vexing and un-quenchable anthems of perfumed aggressions, envelope you with the warmth of care and excitement.


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