Katie Blount ‘Dark Water’ : Delight all encapsulated in a story of casualties in a wafting of incredulity.

Katie Blount

Story is dynamic and steely, with Joni Mitchell like harangue stylistic that scrapes your song sensibilities – perking your ears up in valuable interest. Un-distilled, unperturbed, and never incomplete… Katie’s folk ballad’s convection in sumptuous storms, delight all encapsulated in a story of casualties in a wafting of incredulity.

Off of the 9 track LP of the same name, delivers Katie’s signature gray of vocals and sentimental reasons given to be bitter-sweetly poignant.

‘Dark Water’ is the example of the vibrance of what we’d had, then when it’s gone, it feels like a moment of decades. A distant thunder, taking time to reach into our atmosphere of revelry – we tun away, from the goodness of what it could have been.

Love will have its darkness and reasons for leaving the new adventure.

Will you? It’s your choice.

We want to stay with Katie’s strength, no matter.

Said Katie: “I wanted the video to express the subtlety of what was happening in the song. I began to realise quickly that was very difficult to do, as I didn’t want the imagery to be obvious or too abstract and lose a sense of connection. I wanted to find a way of expressing the emotional internal landscapes while showing the reality of what is slowly unfolding.”

After being featured and interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire; receiving a coveted 5 Star album review from RnR Magazine and being featured in Americana UK, For Folk’s Sake and Echoes and Dust, Katie Blount confirms all of that you’d experienced, again.

Ultra talented, her LP is out now.


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