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Katie Blount Shares ‘The American Song’.

Reminiscent of a grand past, in a grand era, with grand artists and musical sages, KATIE BLOUNT comes up big with a lyrically complex and emotionally direct piece of art named ‘The American Song’.

Un-distilled, unperturbed, and never incomplete, ‘The American Song’ delivers with a punch that is to the core of what songwriting has always been. The folk ballad, convection in sumptuous storms of delight all encapsulated in a story of casualties in a wafting of incredulity. While it coaxes the light of existing in a shimmering and aggressive undertones, that only can be churned and made into a living organism by its creator – Katie.

Story is dynamic and steely, with Joni Mitchell like harangue stylistic that scrapes your song sensibilities – perking your ears up in valuable interest.

Off of the upcoming album ‘Dark Water’, Katie’s latest is a fabulous choice.

It’s a cup of black coffee for your senses.

Said Katie: “I want to bring all the elements together from the songwriting, the videos and the production so that each one belongs to the other”.


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