Katie Bogle ‘Studio Apartment’ : Cheering for the moment that is in this slice of time.

Katie Bogle

Katie Bogle is a queer female artist based out of the Chicago suburbs. And she knows love as much as we’d all want to. And in ‘Studio Apartment’, it does its utmost to get across the giddy and fulfilling happiness that such a meaningful relationship could and should be. Katie stated: “I wish I could explain the way I feel when I’m dancing to the Stones in the living room with my girlfriend. I tried really hard to convey that feeling in this song.”

And it’s simple as can be. An evening together, with your significant other, dancing to the tunes that makes the joy flow. With the world whirling past outside the window panes, all is good, when smiling and dancing and cheering for the moment that is in this slice of time.

We all should be so lucky to get that kind of chances.

Added Katie: “One day I sat down and wrote a long list of reasons I love my girlfriend. I put just a couple of reasons in the lyrics for “Studio Apartment”. Pop culture references to Van Halen and The Pixies serve as metaphors for the beautiful nostalgia in life and how she helped me find it. She’s the Suze to my Bob.”

90’s vibes, mixed with the pure angst of appreciation, ‘Studio Apartment’ is Katie’s anthem for love.


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