Katie O’Malley ‘Wild West’ : With gargantuan soul and gravity. Breathy reverberations of expressions hit you.

Katie O'Malley

“I wrote this song after binge watching the Top Boy series amongst other gangster programs,” said Katie O’Malley. “It was also at a time when a lot of stabbings were happening in my area of Manchester and even more so in London and at that moment it felt like a ‘Wild West’.”

With the best uniqueness that artists like Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Ani Difranco, and Tracy Chapman brought to the game, Katie O’Malley’s vocals speak volumes of emotions. With gargantuan soul and gravity, the breathy reverberations of Katie’s expressions hits you like a ton and increases your thoughts of what story telling could be.

Katie’s 70’s inspired music takes you on a journey of mournful melody to punchy beats and gravelly powerful vocals with a sense of Stevie Nicks meets Creedence Clearwater Revival.

They have received radio airplay from BBC Introducing Manchester and country stations throughout the UK, America and Australia supporting top ten album selling Beth Rowley and country star Kimmie Rhodes. ​


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