Katlah ‘Stupid Boi’ : A summation of the absurd, quantified into existence. Get in.


Danish artist Katlah makes her mark with sassy directness on debut single ‘Stupid Boi’. And with it, it’s clear to see that Katlah is not afraid of neither cats and sex toys, nor the Danish traditional Law of Jante – an attitude saying you shouldn’t think too much of yourself. Katlah’s vocals and fierce aura is both seductive and intimidating.

Born Katrine Brixen, Katlah’s unique embers radiate with the kind of empathy and substantiveness that is lacking in the genre, arguably. A summation of the absurd, quantified into existence by the creative and talented, the project soars as it gives you that tongue-in-cheek readiness.


Get in. Let’s look for more from Katlah.

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