Katrina Cain ‘How Did We Get Here’ : Life-lined by the inescapable excitement of human wants and frailties.

Katrina Cain

From one chapter to the next, the time analysis, is too quick to perceive. In human time, a galactic gap is just just too large to fathom. In Katrina Cain’s own perceptions of space and memorial, that gap is traversed with the wisp of her song, bound by honesty, and life-lined by the inescapable excitement of human wants and frailties.

‘How Did We Get Here’ is an authentic and uplifting revelation of her journey as an artist and her own personal relationship.

With her captivating lyrics and uplifting spirit she emboldens others to stand up for themselves. From being a full-time performer to her powerful performance on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice, Cain has always strived to give her listeners a sense of hope and ambition with her honest and raw storytelling.

The subtle charm of Katrina Cain’s is delivered over and over, even when you thought that essence could not be any further. Vibes linger and layer like the tumbling leaves of an autumn’s past. The story goes as it has always been told: seek and you will be free.

The journey continues.

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So, how we all doing?⚡️⠀ ⠀ This is probably obvious by now but just an official note that my show at The Hi Hat on May 20th is no longer happening. I got the official word a couple days ago and since I can’t make it to the date they rescheduled for, there won’t be any show for me at all. I know this is all for the best but I’m super, super sad about it. (And, pls go donate to the Hi Hat’s GoFundMe so they can keep their employees surviving through this!)⠀ ⠀ I’ve been trying to keep positive, but just to be real it’s been hard, man. Im new in this city and I don’t know many people. Im trying to find my footing and find momentum for my music and suddenly it has been taken away. I know we are ALL feeling this way, and it’s not about me, but thanks for letting me vent anyway. I am sending love and peace to all industry workers & artists alike who are feeling lost right now. ⠀ ⠀ You can stream my music on @spotify , and @pandora FINALLY ❤️, and you can purchase it on iTunes and Google whatever. Right now, all we need is someone to listen, it is appreciated more than you know! ⚡️

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