Katy J Pearson ‘Beautiful Soul’ : Something to listen to. Soak into. Travel with. Become friends with.

Kay J Pearson / Artwork and layout design: Caio Wheelhouse, Photo: Rowan Allen

Katy J Pearson’s beautiful vocals mix into your chaotic world, and calms your nerves with apoplectic certainty and loving embrace.

Off of the equally beautiful album ‘Return’, you get the sense that every expression of words and harmonies, trace your lineage of wonders, with exacting kindness and revelry.

Katy said: “‘Beautiful Soul’ is a song of love and appreciation for anybody you love dearly who may be going through a shit time and needs to hear that nothing is ever permanent. As my mum always says, ‘this too shall pass’.”

Capable of anything she can or must, the gorgeously found aura of Katy’s deliver a classical rock vision with the aplomb of heartful story telling that is dynamically worldly and universal.

“I am so proud and overjoyed to share it with you all .. have so many people to thank for making this record and project a reality. My brother Bob who has been my musical collaborator and support since the beginning, my Mum and Dad + brother David Beetle for all of your love and encouragement. Ali Chant, for helping to create this record and for being the calm, kind man you are. Also Joe Jones, big ledge. My wonderful management team Richard Walsh and Laura Eley…”

“My band members throughout – Ben, Nick, Charlie, Josh, Bob, Alf, Robbie and Matt plus Davey + Laurie – thanks for helping me to keep those wheels (and songs) a-turning! Seren for being the best mate ever with a polaroid, Caio, Rowan, Raissa, Marie and Ben for the beautiful art, Jos at BMG for all the support, Sarah at ATC for being a queen and finally my label Heavenly – Daisy, Danny, Jeff, Katherine, Diva, Sonny, Ben, Hollie, Luke and everybody else – thanks for giving me the creative freedom and support I’ve needed and just being the best.”

Katy’s album is something to listen to. Soak into. Travel with. Become friends with.

Katy’s single ‘Beautiful Soul’ can get you started on that path.


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