Katy Rose Bennett ‘Where Does It Hurt?’ : Rain. Sun. Sadness. Happiness. Nothing matters but the immediate.

Katy Rose Bennett

Revealing your inner most. It hurts in just another way. But when there is a connection, an assumption of truths and stresses, melt away. Just like when we were born. Not a care or thought for the ‘morrow. Rain. Sun. Sadness. Happiness. Nothing matters but the immediate.

From Katy’s upcoming album, it’s her heart and focus of her collection.

Katy wrote it in a cabin by the sea in 2019 in response to hearing an interview with the civil rights activist Ruby Sale as well as reflecting on the work of Brené Brown: “Deals with shame, vulnerability, empathy and connection between people and through music. It is perhaps exactly what the world needs right now.”

Let the mail armor of our souls, drip down into our heels. Opening our hearts to the masses who can hate.

It’s what will heal and open up the conversations, like we were children, once again.

Accompanied by string quartet arrangement by folk musician, Ruthie Lindsay.


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