kazaizen ‘Bye the Sea’ : Glistening guitar chords, and dazed out affection for our daily doldrums.


‘Bye the Sea’, from the newest kazaizen album ‘Cyclops Dragon Light Switch’, brings chill aeronautics of blooming emotions and anthemic adulations for the whole.

A wholeness and well-being, consults itself into a revelations in complexity, being deduced into simplicity. The tact, anti-social, is the best friend you’d never thought you had. It’s the salvation of the loneliness and isolation, of which we dip our toes within, often and again.

kazaizen is a psyche pop rock project pushed forth by Jonny Kasai.

The Saint Paul, Minnesota native, tries to bridge the heaviness of living, with the ever-so-needed edge of light and silver linings.

Surreal and melancholy, melodically helps you to drift away into the world of reverberating electric pianos and organs, glistening guitar chords, and dazed out affection for our daily doldrums.


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