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Keelan Mak // Isaac Dunbar // Charlotte OC // Elina // BAYNK

Keelan Mak – Sleep Talker

KEELAN MAK is an emerging talent of songs, drizzled in emotion, and glamorous vocals. The atmosphere explodes in bright embers, as the blissful night of stars, collapse at the heels of the lover that we all have inside. Indie and electro-pop, the smooth gatherings and institutionally rebellious vibes, drive you mad with the feelz. Look for this warm cup of chic honey tea with his upcoming debut EP ‘Test The Shallows’. Should be a doozy.

Isaac Dunbar – woman on the hills

We’d said of ISAAC DUNBAR: “Isaac is that breath of fresh air that pockets and surrounds with but a wisp.” A total talent and at 16 years of age shows that age is but a number, and has no presence in what can be achieved. His breakout has been more than meteoric as he presents ‘Woman On The Hills’. Heft, and weight – gravitas of form and of function – drip off of his songs. His Autumn tour begins September 7th at The Fillmore Philadelphia.

Charlotte OC – Better Off On My Own

CHARLOTTE OC’s songs have been featured 3 times with CHF. And that is for a dang good reason. We’d said of her: “Rising? Yes. CHARLOTTE OC, is that gal.” Understated, purposeful, powerful – the artist with the dynamic voice is someone to look for again here in Q3 of 2019. Atwood interviewed her and for the same good reason. That’s saying something, ain’t it? Lovingly created for the love that exists, or have gone from your life. Charlotte makes it alright.

Elina – Masquerade

Sweden’s ELINA debuted her EP ‘In Hindsight’: “The person I was identifying myself as suddenly had very narrow balks to balance on. It came to a point where I had to regain some focus and some of this lost trust in myself, so this EP started coming to life. The scenarios in the songs were very present in my own life at the time. Through them I could build a creative place without pressure and guidelines.” Soft and invigorating, the falsetto hymns just drip in delight as ELINA presents her case. Of loss and triumphs, and of perpetual motions of heart and mind, she tell it like it is, as herself would seek satisfaction. The journey continues.

BAYNK – go with u

Off of ‘Someone’s EP II’, BAYNK’s single is a salty dive into an emotive unknown. New Zealand artist and producer BAYNK will drop his latest EP. But in the meantime we get to enjoy the sultry dialings of ‘Water’. It seeps into our heads, making them light, with frothy curmudgeons of thoughts and invigorating atmospherics. We’d stated: “Sensual in every way, ‘Water’ comes fully engrossed with only YOU in mind.” The tumultuous reliance of hearts rendered – aside and to the streets – penetrate the massive hold, of fingers upon folds, of arms and limbs.


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