Keelan Mak Shares Music Video For Single ‘Sleep Talker’.

KEELAN MAK is an emerging talent of songs, drizzled in emotion, and glamorous vocals.

We’d stated about Keelan: “The atmosphere explodes in bright embers, as the blissful night of stars, collapse at the heels of the lover that we all have inside. Indie and electro-pop, the smooth gatherings and institutionally rebellious vibes, drive you mad with the feelz.”

His debut upcoming EP ‘Test The Shallows’ drops September 27th.

Keelan stated: “The worlds are open for interpretation. The main idea behind the looks of them were just to create a beautiful space that reflects his own mind.”

“We drew a lot of influence from a few artists, one in particular was Joji. We loved his creative expression throughout his visuals. We wanted to do something similar where the video focused more on representing who I am, as opposed to whole heartedly telling the story.”

Word. Let’s get drenched.



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