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KEHLI – Believe It

Irish pop artist KEHLI releases her brand new single ‘Believe It’. She said: “I recorded ‘Believe it’ last summer at SARM Studios and had the best time! I worked on it with Kid Eternal and Cameron Poole who did the last track and they were amazing to work with! It’s a fun track that I hope people include in their prinks playlist as it gets me in the mood to go out! Love the upbeat tempo and energy of it!!!”. Nineteen year old KEHLI is a vocalist and performer with a soulful, passionate and unique interpretation of contemporary pop music. Her biggest advantage is her booming vocal expressions. The danceable extravaganza presented by ‘Believe It’ is charming and wraps you around with velvet vibes.

Emmy Law – Under My Feet

Emmy Law is an indie pop singer-songwriter originally from Gainesville, GA. And Emmy released her second EP ‘Find Ourselves Again’ in July 2019. The folk pop singer/songwriter seeps effortlessly into the pop realm with her angelic vocals and sentiments as real as the drops of tear in the waning hours. “While the song was inspired by the feeling of heartbreak, the last section is unexpectedly energetic and hopeful. The band had fun recording this in the studio, and this tune is frequently a show closer.” The tracks for ‘Find Ourselves Again’ were recorded live on a baby grand piano in Walhalla, SC. The EP was inspired by a trip to Colorado and is Emmy’s most intimate release so far. With gallantly confident understatements, Emmy shines in her element. Her fans feel that every time.

Greta Jaime – A Better Kind

About ‘A Better Kind’, Great Jaime said: ““A lot of the time it’s easier to tell one side of the story and blame someone else when things don’t work out. In this song, I wanted to do the opposite and write about coming to terms with not being right for someone and realising you’re not in a position to give them exactly what they’re looking for.” Vibrant pop-cut, the single puts Greta right in her opportunities for ecstasy, as Greta’s intimate lyrics shine over a bed of ambient keyboards regulate an R&B tinged drum crescendo that builds to give frame to her ethereal, dream-like vocals. Dream indeed. A troubled past, hardens the heart – will there be another chance to deviate from the trajectory of love that we’re on? Obvious answer cannot be overstated. Or do you like this uncertainty? With me? With us? Let’s talk, lover.

Luke Angelo – insideoutsideways

Excitement. Exhuberance. The happiness to be alive, in doing what he does, and making friends that he does everyday. That’s what we feel from Luke Angelo. Twenty years old, energetic and never loos for how he’d like to express his feelings, he brings this bop-gooness ‘insideoutsideways’. In his own words, we’ll let him infect you to that excitement he holds with both arms. “Hi! I’m Luke Angelo and I’m an independent music artist…My career starts when I was 4. At that age, I began playing piano. I would hear music on the radio, and sit down at the piano and play it as soon as I would get home. However, my favorite part of music was writing my own songs. I’ve always seen colors and shapes when I hear music, so I would write lyrics based on the pictures that my music would create…I believe in the wholistic concept of an artist. When you check out my music, you really are experiencing the work of a single artist: me! Everything you hear/see is me, no side producers, ghost writers, managers to tell me how to speak or act, etc…Currently I’m creating songs that feel like the early 2000s, which is when I was a little kid. I don’t know what external aesthetic my sound will take the shape of in 5 years, but it will be just as authentic as it is now, and always has been.”

Renay – Wanna Share

Renay (née Renee) means to be reborn in French, a named that accurately describes an artist defined by a perpetual renaissance of sound, creating multi-genre music. The pop artist, singer-songwriter, producer/engineer, loves us listeners. She loves us so much that she shares this decadent, triple layered, goodness of a single named ‘Wanna Share’. That chorus is to die for. Really. The sultry make up of Renay’s vocals on this single is nostalgic, and when the 90’s r&b/soul pop aesthetics bounce off of the digital frame of the song, you have gold. Her Bolivian/Dutch roots can be heard in her unique sound. She writes daily, feeling blessed with the gift to channel voices which would otherwise go unheard, through her music. The tantalizing artist is based in the San Francisco Bay area.


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