KEiiNO ‘Bed With The Wolf’ : But they don’t give up. Never will. And that is our gain.


Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo together are KEiiNO. And when you listen to ‘Bed With The Wolf’, you can’t deny its absolute beauty of pop. With exalting chorus, always fabulously framed with Alexandra’s gorgeous vocal tones, it’s a song that makes you shiver and smile with excitement.

Since their mix of dance-pop, Nordic Folk and Sámi Joik enchanted a global audience at Eurovision 2019 with their enduring hit ‘Spirit In The Sky’, KEiiNO have released 7 singles, and toured extensively across Europe and Australia, including sold out shows in London, Melbourne and Sydney and playing the Madrid, Cologne and Stockholm Pride Festivals.

“Not being able to travel for interviews or live shows is far from ideal, and there has been some advice for us to postpone the release of the album further” Tom Hugo explained. “But we feel a certain responsibility to make these challenging times easier for ours fans, so we decided to release OKTA anyway. The album is just another step on the KEiiNO journey, and we look forward to performing the songs live as soon as we can.”

8 singles, 3 music videos and 45 million Spotify streams after their debut, KEiiNO are still unsigned, and Tom, Fred and Alexandra run and finance the whole operation from songwriting to marketing. It’s hard. Real hard.

But they don’t give up. Never will.

Being independent makes it possible to follow their hearts and keep on releasing music when major labels would have shifted focus on the next Eurovison artists. But for the former pre-school teacher, nursing student and Kpop-writer, their debut album OKTA is just another milestone towards that ultimate horizon.


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