KEiiNO & Sordal ‘Transarctic Lover’ : Pop-dance music troupe makes smiles wherever they go.


Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo together are KEiiNO. And forming unity with the talents of Sordal, they bring ‘Transarctic Lover’.

“‘Transarctic Lover’ is a modern Beauty & The Beast story about falling in love with someone you cannot picture yourself with,” explains Tom Hugo from the band, “It’s literally about falling in love with an alien sea-monster with an impressive mojo.”

The trio have been tearing new boundaries and delivering energy filled shows all around the world. Effervescent vocals to refreshing takes on covers, the pop-dance music troupe makes smiles wherever they go.

80’s with an interpretation for what’s fun and fantastic, ‘Transarctic Lover’ is a throwback that just feels good.


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