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PREMIERE: Grimm’s Law Shares ‘Iridescent Naked Light’. “Notes of attitude.”

GRIMM’S LAW, dishes out the hurt with his frenetic and ravenous single ‘Iridescent Naked Light’. Off of the upcoming self-titled album (April 26th) Trouble In The Wind’s guitarist, Keith Haman, revels in this exercise of explaining current affairs, with personal dichotomies, vessels in retrospective apertures, glaring of witnessed faults and possible future outcomes. The chaotic nature of his lyrical skills puncture even deeper with this passion for wrapping rock n roll, punk, and modern rock themes into his notes of attitude.

The record started out life as a country record, however with time, it evolved into a ‘heavier folk-rock’ record, with all of the members in Trouble In The Wind lending their skills. But plans changed again, as the focus of the album morphed into something even more wonderful on it’s own, with a handful of harder, faster punk influenced songs.

“I’d lay down some simply recorded drums and put everything else on top” Keith recounted. “I gave them to Trevor and Robby (from Troubles In The Wind), and we agreed to work on polishing some of the rough edges but left some in for good measure”.

Success. Focus, nailed. Hence, the decision was made, and Keith had his new album’s direction.

“This record allowed me to really explore my punk and ‘alternative’ influences, a departure from the straight-ahead Americana, Young/Dylan sound, which is usually my go-to. The ’70s rock of Bowie, Television, and The Clash, the ’80s punk of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Bad Religion, and later sounds of
Mudhoney and Sonic Youth, all were influences on me growing up”.

‘Iridescent Naked Light’ is a chapter in the concept of ideologies and how it effects the formative cultural balance. The San Diego, California based artist deems an advocated for rights and freedoms – for all man-kind – no matter the background, race, gender, etc. It is that impassioned call for justice that this album hinges, and as Keith pondered about the concept of “apparent rise of some form of whimpering fascism happening around the globe”.

“We’re all interacting with this and dealing with it in some form every day,” stated Keith, “and a lot of these songs are my doubts about the social order and cultural decay we as a whole have become a part of, as well as completely beholden to.

In a modern world where political zeitgeists are changing from month to month, it’s a subject that adults should be attentive to, don’t you think?

And if you think Keith is going ‘too heavy’ with the cultural commentaries, he tells us not to fret.

“There’s a song or two in there about girls.”


Keith’s GRIMM’S LAW is his project to explore and expand his musical wings, diving into a new dimension, while at the same time getting to know where he is from a personal point of view. Dipping his toes in many a subjects that matter, in the here and now, and the drive for conversation highlights his decision for the post-punk style that he’s implemented in the new album. A decision that suits Keith to the nines.

See GRIMM’S LAW open for DEAD SOFT and GOON at the fabulous Soda Bar on April 10th.



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