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KELAA – Serefe

The Swedish artist, songwriter and producer KELAA grew up in a musical family with traditional folk music from the Kurdish regions of eastern Turkey. “‘Serefe’ is the Turkish word equivalent of ‘cheers’,” said the dynamic pop artist KELAA. “When you drink in honour of someone or something, you say Serefe. Serefe is about the desperation and pain in having to deal with the crisis that follows losing someone you loved deeply. It is about longing to drink and laugh together, to a point where you try to find rituals and strange ways to reconnect with the person who you’ll never meet in physical life again. It is written for everyone who doesn’t want to let go of the person they’ve lost- sometimes you just can’t accept such a blunt reality of someone being gone forever. It makes you vulnerable and small and you are ready to do anything to escape the feeling of loss.” Robyn and Popkollo comes to mind when listening to the abilities of KELAA. The mix of Scandinavian pop and ol’ world Middle Eastern vibes and rhythms, construct an voice for the voiceless in ‘Serefe’. The inner peace that we all seek after, comes with exuding colors and tones from this single ‘Serefe’. The delightfully engaging vocals of KELAA is based is weighted and gravitationally pulls at the nostalgia of the listener. A subtle and unique experience ensues with ‘Serefe’. KELAA is just getting started.

Zoë Ferguson – Medicine

Zoë grew up with music and songwriting in Portland Oregon. Teaching herself piano, Zoë self-recorded and uploaded some of her tunes to SoundCloud to start her musical career. After she was chosen to participate in Atlantic Records’ EMERGE program, Zoë continued to develop her unique voice, recording demos in a studio where her passion for performance and composition only grew. The 18 year old songstress, concentrates in ‘Medicine’ in the realms of longing and loss. What has gone through the fingers of a busy life, never appreciated when it was there – missed when that goodness has gone. It’s a story of many things that we take for granted in our lives. From family to friends, to the strangers for whom we never engage – opportunities that we have in this world – while we are here in this world – should be re-examined. For Zoë sings of love. A temporary love that might become permanent. A sentiment that is a meaningful substrate for our daily lives. Of course, delivered in the delicious vocals that Zoë can only deliver. Look for more from Zoë.

MP The Kid – Stay

After releasing his first full album length project ‘Dreams from Above’ in 2018, MP The Kid continues his journey with single releases in 2019. The first single ‘Party PartTime was one of his best performing singles on streaming services and also managed to chart at #2 in the FM4 Radio Charts (Austria’s biggest youth radio station). He’s now following up with his new track ‘Stay’. It is a procurement of the absurd, with the tinge of irreverence. Docked by the accountants of life and the inevitably sought acknowledgemet to ‘live’. Raising your hands up over your head, you look towards the sun, and you close your eyes. The warmth in confidence and it gives you hope again, where that battery for positivity was being drained. It’s a call to arms and ‘Stay’ is that new nuance for staying the coarse. MP The Kid is super talented, with the right amount of pop and electro-instincts that delight. The substantive embers, exude brightly through his songs, as they glow like the sun that we want in our lives. He continues and we follow. You should too.


“When it all goes dark, was everything really worth it in the end? ‘Senses’ is a very personal song about overcoming the struggles we all face when chasing our dreams and living for the greatest light in you.” Can we get of the envelope we’d been snuggled within? Can dreams come true? Can the world become what you’d always wanted to be? There’s no simple answer for it all. But there’s one certainty, and an impact we can deliver. And that is to ‘try’. To ‘try’ like heck. To get to that place where we’d wished to be. Running and running, getting battered and battered some more – we wipe off the blood from our lips and keep going. That’s what we can do. We have freedom in that sense. ‘Senses’ delivers in a facet of that notion, with that electro-pop vibe that is mahogany and positive. Dance. Then try again to conquer, again.

Gabbie Santana – The River

Sixteen year old Gabbit Santana delivers a powerful single in ‘The River’. A song, in which, delivers the confusion and angst of a teenaged soul for whom the world didn’t quite make sense to be a part of, any longer. The song is about depression and suicidal thoughts, but distinctly about the personal plights that Gabbie went through. The delicate nature of our lives come at full expediency when those urges and feelings – never being recognized before – become a part of your daily life. It’s jaunting and un-nerving. But at the same time, even knowing how extreme it might sound, there’s a feeling of being one with the world, while wanting to be guided out of its grip. Contrasts. Double edge sword. Irony. All combine to make even ‘deletion’ of sorts, hard to fathom. An outlet was needed, Gabbie, surmised. Music is a special part of Gabbie’s world. Her signing and making music, gives her that bit of solace and feeling of belonging that we all can appreciate. And that sentiment comes through with her latest single ‘The River’. It’s a story of the struggle that almost came to a finale. But Gabbie was stronger than that, and at the end of the day, she knew of herself of that fact, as well. With a glint of positivity from the lyrical depth of ultimate nihilism, indicates the secret desire of Gabbie to make this world a happier place. That’s a message that we all should absorb and endure. Gabbie’s a heroine. Gabbie is all of us.


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