KELLA ‘Just My Type’ : Of good girl and bad boy.


‘Just My Type’ is the follow up to the Los Angeles based pop artist and songwriter’s fab singles ‘Jealous’, ‘Wanna Be Bad’ and ‘Trainwreck’. KELLA has garnered over 1 million global streams across all platforms with support from Spotify, Apple and Amazon; as well as Korean platforms Melon, Genie Music, Mnet, and Bugs.

And no wonder.

With gumption like ‘Just My Type’, and attitude that only KELLA can express, the accolades should keep on rolling through.

Said KELLA: “We actually wrote ‘Just My Type’ before my previous release ‘Wanna Be Bad’, as we wanted it to be the beginning of the theme of forbidden attraction. Then we started thinking of the parallels to different situations in life – consumerism, social media usage, all other types of addiction – there’s always an attraction to begin with, but deep down we know that it’s not the healthiest choice.”

Written in London with New Zealand pop artist, Massad; and produced with Johannes Andersson in Stockholm and Los Angeles, the song’s surface meaning draws a typical conundrum of good girl and bad boy, however shocking it is to onlookers and friends close by.



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