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Kelsey Waters – Rainmaker

Like a shot out of the dark, a bolt of lightening engulfed the stage. Kelsey Waters’ single ‘Rainmaker’ is such a lightening involvement. It’s a white hat, heroics, turned in from the magic spells of the heart and lust. Nashville pop-noire, rock n’ roller Kelsey Waters channels the modern influence of British dance-rock while incorporating old school studio techniques such as reverb chambers and double tracking vocals to give her music a 70’s edge. Powerful in all its senses, the artist with her index finger in the multi-genre Universes, keeps us engaged and rockin’ as the popppin’ luster of her single dances in our brains, like infection. Sheryl Crow, Joan Osborne and Fiona Apple are some of her influences, and in the folds of her visions, there’s no doubt on which direction she’s willing to take her talent. Kelsey’s been making music since 14 years young. Gets better every time.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community – Citrus Fruit

That chorus is life. And in ‘Citrus Fruit’ the song’s life lives in bursts like magnetars. Said the band: “There eventually becomes a point in time where you’ve exhausted all the small talk, you know you’ve got a real connection, but now need to decide whether you want to invest in the relationship, dive in, and make something really great. If you want something real, you need to build the confidence to confront issues in a relationship and talk frankly.” Approachable Members of Your Local Community continually give you tune after tune filled with stylistic charm. From the vocals to the production; to the irreverently engaging bass to the elastic jumble of smiles – the band knows how to keep thing substantive, yet so much fun. Lovely, indeed.

Nsolo – Exile

“The music video was initially inspired by a twisted version of Orpheus and Eurydice, however switched to the perspective of the woman character following the man outside of a dream world,” said Nsolo on his song ‘Exile’. Lot more ambient, and a thousand percent more seductive, ‘Exile’ encompasses ever closer to how and why Nsolo, the project, comes to be and will ever be. The musical entrance, delves with foot by foot, delicacy and ultimate remembrance. The visions of shining preeminence, glance at the absurdity of self, when crossed with the decadence of truth – and love. The calculous of that exact existence, changes from the normal and abhorrently banal, into something different and never experienced before. She’s made you feel this way. And in that place of steppes and harshness, you try to shield yourself away from the impending collision of that meteor called ‘love’. The sky then blackens and brightens with ember orange, your current notion of life, implodes into her aching arms. Truth, and trepidation, slowly melts away. Director Yongmin Hwang and cinematographer Robby Salisbury and delivered in the visuals. Main character was played by gorgeous actress/model Nisalda Gonzalez.

Zosia – Matter

“How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change. And how ironic that the difficult times we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break us open and help us blossom into who we were meant to be.” Strung up by the stinging knowledge of limitations and helplessness, ‘Matter’ by Zosia, comes at us with the vexing challenge of living, while we get to live. We forget most of the time that we are here, for a limited and final time. We’d won the lottery to have the privilege of existing on this earth, to view, to absorb, to suffer, to conquer, to be happy – if we all chose. Zosia continued: “There was a time when I was convinced the world would spin off its orbit at any moment… ‘Matter’ was a result of these logical yet often useless anxieties. I didn’t realize that by pairing my morbid concepts with a relatively upbeat chorus melody, I began to reexamine my fears. No, we can’t prevent ending, but we can choose to embrace the beauty of life’s ephemeral nature.” Fears are antithesis for confidence and certainty. It’s a matter of degree. Cant’ have total 100% on your side, so why wait. Let’s live – while we live.

Marshall Music – Wavey Flow (Official Video)

Songwriter, musician and producer Marshall Music waves hello with his latest visual for ‘Wavey Flow’. Marshall has written and produced for artists including Craig David, Sheila Fergusson (3 Degrees), Britney Spears and Nelly Futardo, in a career spanning over two decades. ‘Wavey Flow’ marks his debut release as an artist. Said MM: “I went into production because I didn’t want to be famous, because I saw a lot of pressure and things that wasn’t really music, which is why even as a producer maybe for the first 10 years, I never used to put my name on records, I had a pseudonym and hid behind it”. Now, Marshall’s happy to say he has arrived at that place where ‘the expression is authentic’ – it’s this authenticity within his music that Marshall now strives for. ‘It’s about being true to myself with everything. And it’s taken me this long to actually remember what that means.’ Look for Marshall’s debut EP, ‘0022’.


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