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Kelsy Karter // Lavito // SAFIA // EMM // Gold Spectacles

Kelsy Karter – Catch Me If You Can

With rockin’ stride and attitude KELSY KARTER is a different kind of cat. And that’s why you are driven to seek out her music, to be frank. She knows it too. First gotten to know her through her single ‘God Knows I’ve Tride’, she singularly takes you on a ride you’d never thought existed. “I want to be an artist that speaks to my generation. If you want a 50-year career then you have to be innovative and ahead of what’s next. The drum patterns and guitar tones on my record definitely veer toward those early Beatles/Stones vibes, but my stories and ideas will always move and grow with me in the modern world.” Word.

Lavito – Fairy Tale

LAVITO is the definition of smooth, stratight out of Belgium, and we love his hiphop/r&b extravagance. Shining with glamor in his words and presentation, his single ‘Fairy Tale’ makes a mark of intensity, without the obvious lavishness that we come to expect from this genre. With droplets of awe and love the inconsequential, LAVITO’s indelible and soothing vocals beckon at the heels of love and all its glorious underpinnings.

SAFIA – ‘Starlight’ (Official Video)

At the band’s core is an honesty of words and weaving of worlds and Universes. All done in such delicacy and demure fascination, ‘Starlight’ is a beautiful interpretation in SAFIA’s imaginations and talents. The band stated: “At its heart ‘Starlight’ is a song about letting go, all the creative choices represent that sentiment so we wanted to create a video that continued on with that theme. For this reason, we wanted to make something that was world building and indicative of the song’s journey. Hopefully, this cosmic visual journey created will encourage you to get lost in the world of ‘Starlight’.” The song is just beautiful to listen and adhere to. There’s a reason for their popularity, no?

EMM – 11

Born into a musical family, EMM was destined to be one herself. ”My mom played a five-hour gig on the day I was due, I was right up against her harp, and I was on stage with her hundreds of times before I was even born. I think that’s why performing feels so natural to me.” Los Angeles based, EMM takes her rarity and puts it into a concentration of outputs, which demonstrate her sense for the hook and trance. Vocals as strong as a gazelle, the graceful songstress keeps on pushing the boundaries, one song at a time.

Gold Spectacles – Moral Fibre

GOLD SPECTACLES is a collaboration between 2 British songwriters and producers. ‘Moral Fibre’ is a journey of emotions and tests in the human duties of self and solitude. Solo vocals lean into gentle waves of soft spoken words. The reeling progression, dribbles and smooths the angst in a personal voice of climax. Oh, the climax of what we wanted. A floating buoy in the middle of the Ocean of your blue emotions. The hysterical delectability of ‘Moral Fibre’ is palpable and delicious. “We’re all victims to the human condition,” stated the duo. “We’re all flawed still pretend we’re not. With Moral Fibre, we explore disloyalty, debauchery and not feeling in control of your own desires. Accepting shame, like a warm handshake. Accepting we are human.”


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