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kemo brane ‘scratch (don’t lie)’ : Sentient variety of calm and contrasts.

A modicum of delectable juxtapositions.

Kemo brane’s single ‘scratch (don’t lie)’ is included in the upcoming sonic visualization EP named ‘Bible Studies’.

“The EP is inspired by religion and faith,” stated kemo brane. “This particular song is about dealing with things you’re afraid you can’t handle alone and the fear of being left by people around you at times when you need them the most.”

Muse incognito.

Majesty of sullen vapors.

Unconstrained, vestigial nerves of un-carried husks of inner life.

A truant orderly for the vision of recounting and accounting, this single is a march down the road to nowhere and everywhere. A ghastly look into the deep and un-harried versions of your mirror self, your outlook of the imparted gratitudes, never become so parried.

The diligent vibes of ‘Scratch (don’t lie)’ comes up to the curb and drops off a sentient variety of calm and contrasts.

A monocle of mystery, in a modicum of delectable juxtapositions.



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