Kemper Sisters ‘Flower’ : Something that will get us across to a betterment, in kind.

Kemper Sisters

Title single ‘Flower’ from the latest LP, is beautiful in the most visceral. Kemp Sisters’ single palpitates and swallow whole a worldly assets of emotions and earthly angst.

Said Shelby: “Something we haven’t shared publicly before now, is our personal experience with the Opioid-epidemic. Kelsy and I are both really close to someone who has been struggling with meth and heroin abuse for 10 years now, and it has changed our lives and the lives of our friends and family forever. The little girl versions of us (see album cover) could’ve never guessed how life dark and painful things would get… but here we are, making beautiful music and releasing our first EP. I’m really thankful for all of it… it made us stronger”.

Carried along with heavy synth bass lines, dark pop tones, and painstakingly honest sister harmonies. If you’ve ever struggled with or loved someone with addiction or depression, this song will resonate deeply. The Los Angeles artists explore their alternative-pop sound with main collaborator and producer Clay Burton. These original songs reveal another level of depth and transparency for the duo, with poetic and often symbolic lyrics.

There was a time when things were hard. It never gets easier. The Kemper Sisters know this. Even if the physical comforts of life expand, emotions and hurt, never goes away fully. A delicate walk through fields of mines, is life. ‘Flower’ is a reminder, that maybe, there could be something truer. Something that will get us across to a betterment, in kind.


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