Kendra Kay ‘Steady’ : In good times and bad. They are there. Like the mountain peaks.

Kendra Kay

Elkhorn, Manitoba originating artist, Kendra Kay’s got the love and affection with single ‘Steady’. A modern take on the traditional country sound it has been written by a stellar group of female songwriters including Madeline Merlo (NBC Songland), Victoria Banks (Jessica Simpson, Sara Evans) and Karen Kosowski (Brett Kissel, Tim Hicks).

Said Kendra: “When times get tough, especially these days with everyone staying home and our incredible frontline workers keeping everyone safe, along with the sacrifices their families have made, the message of this song is more important than ever. There are days when I feel like falling apart, and I am so grateful have an incredibly supportive family and team of people around me that are my rocks and keep me strong and pushing forward. This song is a tribute to the people, whether it be family, friends or anyone in between, who are holding each other up and keeping us ‘Steady’. This song is a representation of the amazing support system I, and many other people have, in this ‘crazy world’.”

A celebration of love is the energy that you can feel from Kendra’s song. There are times when we’re down. And an appreciation of the strength you can wield, in those tough times (and in good times) should be a central core of your living existence.

Kendra preaches, and maybe we all can take something away from that goodness.


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