Kerri Medders Shares ‘OVERTHINKING?’ “Perfect and beautiful storm.”

Los Angeles native Kerri Medders is beautifully sublime in her latest single ‘Overthinking?’. The 19 year old songstress and actress, from Texas, delivers from top to bottom, deliciously providence in pop salinity.

‘Overthinking?’ is fabulous.

Embodying the vibes of an uber star like Robyn, the absolute quality of difference is very much apparent compared to her contemporaries’ categories. The painstakingly built lyrics, natural in every way, layers on top of the fabulous progression, which cast a sunshine of possibilities. And all of that is summed up perfectly with her contextually tactile and unbelievably top shelf vocals that just tinge with effervescence and gushing positivity.

That’s the perfect and beautiful storm of quality.

Kerri expanded that ‘Overthinking?’ “explores the days where I have to deal with the chaos going on in my head. I wanted a song that represented that chaos, hence why the drums make it sound so chaotic. BUT we all go through this and I wanted to let people know that hey, “I’m gonna make it through this hazy head of mine, give me a little time so I can figure out my life.”

She’d dropped EP’s ‘Etched’ (2015) and ‘Lot 17’ (2017), and launched her on a nationwide tour for High School Nation (HSN), opening for Plain White T’s and Drake Bell for more than 90,000 people. She has performed over 70 show in venues/festivals around the U.S. and captured the hearts of thousands of fans with her energetic stage presence and strong vocals.

Kerri has recurring roles on the Emmy nominated CBS drama SEAL Team and the Emmy-nominated Netflix comedy Alexa & Katie, and has guest-starred on Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything on Disney XD, Mystery Girls on Freeform, and Speechless on ABC. She also just wrapped her first feature film as a lead opposite Jackson Rathbone in Do Not Reply, which will release in late 2019.

An ever soaring CV from both the song and acting careers, the talent of Kerri is very much evident. The mature sounds of ‘Overthinking?’ will rock out a huge swath of audiences, showing the expansive valence of emotions.

Which it does with fabulous results.

Kerri’s got it in full throttle whenever and however she wants it.

We hope to hear and see even greater things.



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