Kerry JK – Human​:​Beautiful

Declaration. It’s a powerful word. It can divert, it can summon, it proclaims – digs that stake into that line one won’t compromise. Kerry JK’s Human:Beautiful does that – and then some.

The song from first consonant to the end, fights for what’s right – self preservation and most importantly Recognition.

After all – nothing starts WITHOUT first recognizing and then ‘declaring’ something personally and in private. That one second of decision making could mend the heartaches, those chapters of understatements, the unhealthy life attributes – self worth.

The unique vocal styling Kerry has (or decided to enunciate) is a delight in sonic rectitude. The vocals plus his arrangements puts us back to maybe the historical 70’s rock-drama-musical era – place where Broadway musicals met rock-n-roll.

It’s a unique sight.

And Kerry delivers with ‘Human:Beautiful’, with ample ‘fight’ and energy, in backing up that anthem for a higher level of confidence, we all should aspire to.

“Be yourself, as yourself. There is no greater fulfillment, and no sweeter revenge.” – Kerry JK

He calls his style as: “Eccentric and eclectic sophisti-pop”.

It sure is.

And we dig that.

The subject is heavy, but the song passes along, smooth and defiant.

He’s a multi-genre musician, with several band memberships in the past – and the veteran acumen show easily in his songs, where the experimentation and the actual ‘recognition’ of that notion, brightly shines on the details and maticulous energies.

That always makes for a great presentation.

Kudos, Kerry. Kudos.


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