KESMAR ‘Back Up’ : Dance and sway like you’d never thought you could. Makes smiles an every second occasion.


With vibrant curtsies and virtual gazes, the soft-rock goodness of KESMAR’s production, continues to impress with the most dewiest of them all, so far.

‘Back Up’ is a charm in the best traditions that helps us get back to center of what’s more important in our lives. Whether love, work, family life, and friendships, with a vibe that is ‘Back Up’ sets the situation straight and you dance.

Said KESMAR: “I wrote ‘Back Up’ alone in my tiny bedroom studio at the start of 2020, really didn’t have a worry at this point in time, the world hadn’t begun to self destruct yet and I think that reflects in the overall feeling of the song. It started like most of my tunes, found a chord progression I was inspired by and that then laid down a simple beat and built it up from there.”

Dance and sway like you’d never thought you could.

Dance and smile like you hadn’t for a long, long time.

Nathan Hawes is KESMAR. The Sydney-based producer and songwriter has been a hit since his 2019 debut EP ‘Up To You’.

Still makes smiles an every second occasion.


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