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Kevin Herig // Los Shadows // Tuval // Dig Exotic // Feral Chickens

Kevin Herig – Matchbox

Certainty of KEVIN HERIG’s vocals, hidden in his gentle wisps of lyrics, hook you in with intensity. You don’t expect it, but it builds on the power of his song construction – solid, blue, sultry, rambunctious. Be careful, his music is dangerous and it will get you infatuated. Let’s all get drunk on Kevin’s single ‘Matchbox’. Open your heart.

Los Shadows – Laugh Now, Cry Later

‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’ extracts the marrow juices from the bones of your life. It’s the kind of earthy and broth friendly part of the stew that energizes with classic parameters of Latin musical flavors, shimmering kindly in the wind of the senses we attribute to our universality in society. The white walled, and refreshing feel of your skirt shuffling on the dance floor give you flavor for life. Let the essence of what makes you, move you. The band consists of: Andy Saldana, “El Sancho”, Pepe “El Guapo”, Mark Bullard, and Xavier Prieto.

Tuval – We Can Burn

‘We Can Burn’ steps into puddles of many styles, and weaves together to make his own. The truncated notes, frittering on the edges of pond petals after a significant sun shower, delight the noses of the angels playfully playing and dodging. The interwoven preparedness of his individual pop and psych elements, bring the heat to the intercontinental balloon of your dreams, digging deeper into an outer atmosphere. Of hope, of love, of mis-counted emotions, TUVAL twinkles with ultra high definition.

Dig Exotic – Surrogate

Dark futures dance in the shadows like DIG EXOTIC. Mix of industrial-alt with the gravitas of that digs at your heels, with scars to boot. The project of Rebecca Rosoff, the ballad assaults from the distortion filled decadence sensibly rotates our minds towards the sun so bright. ‘Surrogate’ is the intrigue that exists for all of us to gawk at. Her upcoming album ‘Act Three’ is available now.

Feral Chickens – I Let All My Plants Die

Living on the planets of blue, the explorers tried to get used to the fact that this was their new home. No Earth, no return to the old solar system they grew up with. But deep in their heart, they were happier that way. Going back meant dreaming of the old relationships which didn’t exist any longer. Heart broken, you can say. FERAL CHICKENS’ longing vocals contrasted by the synth extravaganza of a backdrop makes us feel like those explorers on their lonely planet. The single ‘I Let All My Plants Die’ isn’t just pop. No, no. It’s more than that. It’s the song that toes the line between the matrix and pop, where indie fascinations dance on the lingering pop sensibilities. Gold.


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