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Kevin Holliday Shares ‘Hot and Fun’ Is Well…Dang Hot And Fun. Summer? You got a contender.

Brooklyn, New York. Where, Kevin Holliday lives and breathes. A place of hope, creativity, streets, and indie.

Kevin’s latest single ‘Hot and Fun’ is a charmer of a groove, and as it plays in your car, while you’re driving down tot he New Jersey shore, you think to yourself: “Self. You’re cool.”

Cool for listening to Kevin’s fab shoegazy/dream-pop affection, that is.

You’d never been cool in your high-school career.

You’d never been one to make trends.

You’d never been the one to be the social media darling that your mom thinks you are.

But there’s hope.

Hope for coolness that just gets your constitutions going, and going, and going.

And that key is called KEVIN HOLLIDAY.

Romantic to a point, and nostalgic inevitably, ‘Hot and Fun’ is in a line of singles that just rock it out, even in the understated style it derives.

It’s the chill cool, you’d always thought of emulating.

Now you can.



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