Keye Katcher ‘Infected’ : Keye’s vocals and visions, radiate with brooding affect.

Keye Katcher

Keye Katcher is a Singer|Songwriter who is constantly changing, just like his birthplace Berlin. This genuine Berliner has been celebrated as an authentic vocal grenade and a bird of paradise.

The music video for ‘Infected’ resurrects his “former looks in a cascade of colour. Keye’s multifaceted style concept for the music video reflects the dynamism of the song”

Sliding from the after-glow, the emotional beckoning of Keye’s vocals and visions, radiate with brooding affect.

His main subject is duality and means: There is no masculinity without femininity, no love without pain, no development without bravery. Keye likes to move in gray areas, because here he can make his own world colorful. He expresses that both through his androgynous style, as well as in his songs.


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