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Kharachi Shares ‘Burst (feat. Damietta Rose)’.

Pop that champaign. It’s time to go party. You and I. Our feet, dancing to the beat; to the rhythm; the the sliding of the Universe.

Sometimes we need a time to get to another patch of grass, and just dance. And that’s the opportunity that KHARACHI’s single ‘Burst’ affords us. When you know you can’t dance – this song is here for you. When you want to dance with your significant other – this song is there for you. When you want to dance with your little kids – this song is there for you.

Guiding you.

One little wiggle for your knees.

One little wiggle for your hips.

Naturally, and ceremoniously – hip, and delightful.

The very light vibe of the song was picked for our feature, because it didn’t sound to ‘overbearing’. Even for non-dance-pop listeners, this is something that can be easily accepted and eventually adored.

In some parts of life, we need levity and fun.

We think this single is fun and non-judgemental.

It’s a good thang.



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