KIALLA ‘Sanity Check’ (Music Video) : Vocal led institutional rebellion.


“The prequel to KIALLA’s recent music video, ‘Kotton Kandy’, ‘Sanity Check’ takes place in the same alternative reality — with unexpected twists. When intoxicated by delusions of the gloried lifestyle often associated with fame, one risks losing all sense of self.”

Russian-Iranian hip-hop duo KIALLA was formed in 2018 in the west-side of Chicago.

Submerged into this obviously fabulous project, Via was one of the first female artists in the Russian hip-hop community and participated in a variety of hip-hop battles. In 2010 she released an album with former crew members and after that ventured out to travel the world, learning about different cultures and expanding her artistic perspective.

The combination of such duo talents, make for a sum of oddity in majesty. The mix of this and of the cosmic, comes alive with vigor with this production.

Thick and visceral, the vocal led institutional rebellion, works like a charm.

Here and now.


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